Come join in “The Magic in Believing.”

Hi, I am the author of the book “The Magic in Believing.” I am new to blogging but have read many other blogs and thought it was time to start my own. The book,The Magic in Believing–The Tooth Fairies, is the first in a series of fairy tale books. The second book, The Bunny Tale, will be coming in 2014 . A second edition of my first book  will be out in early 2014 with a new illustrator. I am very excited about the new illustrations for this book.

As you follow my blog you will see details about my writing along with tips and encouragement to anyone wanting to write. Writing is a wonderful way to express yourself, and if you are like me, find the enchantment of a magical world that you can make your own. I love to share the magic I find, not only from my writing, but from others as well. To see my words come alive in illustrations is super, but to see a child come alive with laughter and awe hearing and seeing the story is real magic!

well I have rambled on enough for now, but I have enjoyed by first blog.  Would love to hear from you. Please comment, I would love to hear from you. Is there anyone out there that loves fairy tales, fairies, eleves, and gnomes?


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