Out My Window

Everyday as I look out my window, I am amazed by the vast array of shows put on by nature. Today the wind is blowing, howling through the trees, while the Spanish moss swings freely from the branches of the old oak tree. The only thing not moving is the bird. This bird is called a white Ibis. What an unusual name! Who thinks up these names?  The questions begin and my mind begins to spin. There is a story here. I feel it. So the creative process begins. This female, smaller than her counterpart , the male, is listening for the sounds of danger.  Iris, my name for this female Ibis, is hungry , but must be cautious.  Alex, the seven foot alligator, might be near by. 

Well, you get the idea. Ideas for writing are everywhere, even out your window.

from phone 2013-07-25 002

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