Book Review of The Janus Code by J.C.Ferguson

One of  my greatest pleasures is to read a book. It is pure joy when I find a read as fascinating as The Janus Code. From the first page to the last you will find yourself captivated by this novel by J.C. Ferguson. This is a story that takes place in Europe, the Bahamas and the United States. It is international intrigue at its best. You do not need to be a computer wiz to follow this suspense thriller. The plot revolves around a computer security program that in the wrong hands would demolish firewalls everywhere. No government would be safe if this program fell into the wrong hands.

The characters are so believable. The main character, James LaPointe, is a world renown architect from the United States,. He becomes obsessed when his best friend, Maurice is killed in a car accident. James begins to think Maurice has been murdered when several others connected with him are murdered. Maurice, in my opinion, is also a main character in this novel. Maurice begins to appear to James. Not only that, they talk to each other as if Maurice is right there in person. Is he a ghost or a figment of James imagination?

Make sure you have some blocked time to read this fast-paced novel. You will find it difficult to put down. Don’t just put it on your wish list, bump it up to your next book to read. You will not be sorry. You can find this book on Amazon. Enjoy!


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