David’s Story

Cane Frog /Toad largest frog in Florida

Cane Frog /Toad largest frog in Florida

Observing the great outdoors is a favorite pastime for our family. The other morning, as the sun was beginning to rise, my husband saw a mother opossum with her babies clinging to her body. We have seen armadillos, raccoons, a 7-foot alligator floating in the water behind our home, and an array of birds. Max and Pepper, our little Shih-Tzu dogs, love chasing tiny lizards and frogs that find their way into our lanai. Unique sighting have a way of becoming a story. This is a second hand account of what transpired in our house on Tuesday, July 24th. David, the oldest son, was alone. He went into his bathroom. Here you need your imagination… From the corner of his eye, he spotted something big on the side of the toilet. David jumped up, shocked to find a monster-size frog. It was trying to crawl out the bowl! Without a thought, he ran to get a plastic bag to catch it. When he tried to herd it into the bag, the creature started swimming to the bottom of the bowl. Then David leaned over to grab it with his bare hand, but it escaped through the hole. Frustrated, he flushed and flushed and flushed. As he is talking, I can imagine the fate of the amphibian. Flushed down the pipes, into the sewer, and spit out into the Gulf of Mexico sounds harsh. Now this poor baby is glowing neon green. Many questions are unanswered. How did this frog find its way into David’s bathroom toilet? What happens to him? Does Nemo show up to help? Being a storyteller, I will follow my newest character, Neon Frog to know the rest of the story!



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