Magic Writer’s Newsletter-October 2014

This newsletter is for children and their parents. Each month I will publish my Magic Writer’s newsletter. Included in this newsletter will be an activity, a coloring page, and Book recommendations. Starting in November , I will include book recommendations for the Tweens (ages 9-12). . I will also have a word for the month, and a writing activity. I would love to have the children’s writing and any drawings that go with it sent to me at .I will post these stories on my website and /or on this blog. My purpose in doing this is to encourage children to write and to share their writing. There are many steps to the writing process. Each newsletter will highlight a step in the writing process.
Join me in encouraging our children to explore the magical world of books and to let their imagination soar!October 2014-newsletter for magic writier-Revised #2 (Autosaved)#4

Magical Halloween Puzzle-2014

October 2014-newsletter for magic writier–page 3

In My World

This is  hard to admit, but I have issues with computer technology. I use the computer everyday, along with my tablet and smartphone. I manage fairly well most days unless I try to do something very different  on the computer.. I consider myself computer literate until days like this. I have spent over an hour trying to change my link on my blog site to my new website.

Why do I even bother?

You know the answer to that. Those of us who use the computer daily have a need to be the best we can be. We want to communicate with our computer friends and make new friends. We like to keep up with the latest trends and world news and be able to discuss these things in an intelligent way.

So, I am going to be brave and try to include a link to my new website.  So here it goes. Well, Wait! I just want to say that if this doesn’t work,, I quit.  I will then have to call for help, which is so degrading. UGH:(

So please visit my new website at

Thanks for understanding.